Berti Vogts (77)
December 30th, 1946

Berti Vogts 1
Berti Vogts 1 Berti Foqts Foto: Eminn / CC BY-SA 3.0
Berti Vogts Azerbaijan
Berti Vogts Azerbaijan Berti Foqts Foto: Eminn / CC BY-SA 3.0
Berti Vogts 2012
Berti Vogts 2012 Berti Vogts coaching Azerbaijan in an 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifier against Russia in Moscow in 2012. Foto: Садовников Дмитрий / CC BY-SA 3.0

German footballer and manager – Berti Vogts was born in Büttgen (Suburb of Kaarst) on December 30th, 1946 and is 77 years old today.


How old is Berti Vogts?


Berti Vogts is 77 years old.

Biographical data

Birthday December 30th, 1946 (Monday)
Place of Birth Büttgen
Suburb of Kaarst
Birth sign (Zodiac) Capricorn (The Sea-Goat) ♑
Chinese Zodiac Dog 狗

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Berti Vogts


When was Berti Vogts born?

Berti Vogts was born on December 30th, 1946.

Place of Birth

Where was Berti Vogts born?

Büttgen (Suburb of Kaarst).


What is the zodiac sign of Berti Vogts?

Berti Vogts was born in the zodiac sign Capricorn (The Sea-Goat).

Chinese Zodiac

Which Chinese zodiac sign does Berti Vogts have?

Berti Vogts was born in 1946 in the year of the Chinese zodiac Dog.

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