Cristian Bonilla (30)
June 2nd, 1993

Cristian Bonilla
Cristian Bonilla São Paulo - Colômbia vence a Nigéria por 2x0 na Arena Corinthians (Rovena Rosa/Agência Brasil) Foto: Rovena Rosa/Agência Brasil / CC BY 3.0 br

Colombian footballer – Cristian Bonilla was born in Supía (Colombian municipality of the department of Caldas) on June 2nd, 1993 and is 30 years old today.


How old is Cristian Bonilla?


Cristian Bonilla is 30 years old.

Biographical data

Birthday June 2nd, 1993 (Wednesday)
Place of Birth Supía
Colombian municipality of the department of Caldas
Birth sign (Zodiac) Gemini (The Twins) ♊
Chinese Zodiac Rooster 雞

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Cristian Bonilla


When was Cristian Bonilla born?

Cristian Bonilla was born on June 2nd, 1993.

Place of Birth

Where was Cristian Bonilla born?

Supía (Colombian municipality of the department of Caldas).


What is the zodiac sign of Cristian Bonilla?

Cristian Bonilla was born in the zodiac sign Gemini (The Twins).

Chinese Zodiac

Which Chinese zodiac sign does Cristian Bonilla have?

Cristian Bonilla was born in 1993 in the year of the Chinese zodiac Rooster.

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