July 22nd, 1950 was a Saturday.



People born on July 22nd, 1950 turned 70 this year (2020).


Cancer (The Crab)

June 23rd, 1950 - July 22nd, 1950

Wow, over 25,000 days old!

Why not celebrate an alternative birthday? In 333 days, exactly on September 27th, 2021, people who were born on July 22nd, 1950 will be 26,000 days old!

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Born on July 22nd, 1950: When to retire?

Birth 20 67 80
Childhood & Education 20 Years Work 47 Years Retirement 13 Years

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... of famous people, actors, celebrities and stars on July 22nd

Born on July 22nd, 1950

70 Years
Nelsinho Baptista
Brazilian association football player
*July 22nd, 1950, Campinas

Nelsinho Baptista was born on July 22nd, 1950 in Campinas (city in the state of São Paulo, Brazil) and is now 70 years old.

70 Years
Susan Kramer
Politician; former UK Member of Parliament for Richmond Park, London
*July 22nd, 1950, Holborn

Susan Kramer was born on July 22nd, 1950 in Holborn (area of central London, England) and is now 70 years old.

70 Years
Dilma Lóes
Brazilian actress
*July 22nd, 1950, Rio de Janeiro July 31st, 2020, Florida

Dilma Lóes was born on July 22nd, 1950 in Rio de Janeiro (city of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and died on July 31st, 2020, at the age of 70, in Florida (state in the southeastern United States).

70 Years
Jim Philbin
British fencer
*July 22nd, 1950, Manchester

Jim Philbin was born on July 22nd, 1950 in Manchester (major city in Greater Manchester, England, UK) and is now 70 years old.

70 Years
Geraldine Walther
American classical violinist
*July 22nd, 1950, Tampa

Geraldine Walther was born on July 22nd, 1950 in Tampa (city in Florida, United States) and is now 70 years old.

Who's birthday is on July 22nd?

Rolf Konow (74)

Danish photographer and actor

*July 22nd, 1946, Copenhagen
Jakub Bitman (32)

badminton player

*July 22nd, 1988, Prague
Denyse Julien (60)

badminton player

*July 22nd, 1960, Rouyn-Noranda
Hirari Mizui (20)

badminton player

*July 22nd, 2000, Nara Prefecture
Rosaria Yusfin Pungkasari (33)

badminton player

*July 22nd, 1987, Temanggung

Same year: Born in 1950

4 Feb
Ade Chandra (70)

badminton player

*February 4th, 1950, Jakarta
26 Aug
Annette Badland (70)

English actress

*August 26th, 1950, Edgbaston
13 Sep
Jeff Lowe (67)

American mountain climber

*September 13th, 1950, Ogden August 24th, 2018, Colorado
18 Mar
Peter Funke (70)

German historian of classical antiquity

*March 18th, 1950, Rheine
23 May
Martin McGuinness (66)

Irish republican and Sinn Féin politician

*May 23rd, 1950, Derry March 21st, 2017, Altnagelvin Area Hospital

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