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Birthdays of famous people


... of famous people, actors, celebrities and stars on January 27th

Birthday on January 27th, 2021

38 Years
John Lundvik
Swedish singer, songwriter, and former sprinter
*January 27th, 1983, London
56 Years
Alan Cumming
Scottish actor
*January 27th, 1965, Aberfeldy
47 Years
Ole Einar Bjørndalen
Norwegian biathlete and cross-country skier
*January 27th, 1974, Drammen
65 Years
Susanne Blakeslee
American actress
*January 27th, 1956, Los Angeles
43 Years
Moses Farrow
American adoptee
*January 27th, 1978, Korea
77 Years
Nick Mason
English drummer, co-founder of Pink Floyd
*January 27th, 1944, Birmingham
85 Years
Barry C. Barish
American physicist
*January 27th, 1936, Omaha
28 Years
Roxane Duran
French actress
*January 27th, 1993, Paris
49 Years
Bibi Gaytán
Mexican actress
*January 27th, 1972, Tapachula
52 Years
Patton Oswalt
American stand-up comedian
*January 27th, 1969, Portsmouth
32 Years
Dyllón Burnside
American actor and singer
*January 27th, 1989, Miami
41 Years
Marat Safin
Russian tennis player
*January 27th, 1980, Moscow
46 Years
Leonel García
Mexican recording artist; composer and musician
*January 27th, 1975, Mexico City
64 Years
Frank Miller
American writer, artist, film director; known for comics books and graphic novels
*January 27th, 1957, Olney
54 Years
Bobby Deol
Indian Actor
*January 27th, 1967, Mumbai
25 Years
French vlogger
*January 27th, 1996, Vitry-sur-Seine
42 Years
Rosamund Pike
British actress
*January 27th, 1979, Hammersmith
73 Years
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Latvian-born Russian-American dancer, choreographer and actor
*January 27th, 1948, Riga
57 Years
Bridget Fonda
*January 27th, 1964, Los Angeles
81 Years
James Cromwell
American actor and producer
*January 27th, 1940, Los Angeles

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