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Birthdays of famous people


... of famous people, actors, celebrities and stars on October 26th

Birthday on October 26th, 2020

73 Years
Hillary Clinton
American politician
*October 26th, 1947, Edgewater Hospital
47 Years
Seth MacFarlane
American producer
*October 26th, 1973, Kent
64 Years
Rita Wilson
American actress and producer
*October 26th, 1956, Hollywood
48 Years
Hamdi Ulukaya
Kurdish-Turkish businessman
*October 26th, 1972, Erzincan
61 Years
François Chau
Cambodian American actor
*October 26th, 1959, Phnom Penh
61 Years
Evo Morales
former Bolivian President Bolivian politician
*October 26th, 1959, Oruro
66 Years
James Pickens
American actor
*October 26th, 1954, Cleveland
60 Years
Patrick Breen
American actor
*October 26th, 1960, Brooklyn
66 Years
D. W. Moffett
American actor
*October 26th, 1954, Highland Park
74 Years
Maureen Anderman
American actress
*October 26th, 1946, Detroit
59 Years
John A. Davis
American film director, writer, animator, voice actor and composer
*October 26th, 1961, Dallas
67 Years
Robert Westenberg
American actor
*October 26th, 1953, Miami Beach
32 Years
Greg Zuerlein
American ice dancer
*October 26th, 1988, Cincinnati
49 Years
Anthony Rapp
American actor
*October 26th, 1971, Chicago
68 Years
Rondi Reed
American actress
*October 26th, 1952, Dixon
59 Years
Uhuru Kenyatta
Kenyan politician and businessman, 4th President of Kenya
*October 26th, 1961, Nairobi
44 Years
Annarella Bono
Venezuelan actress
*October 26th, 1976, Ciudad Bolívar
35 Years
Indian actress
*October 26th, 1985, Kochi
42 Years
CM Punk
American professional wrestler and mixed martial artist
*October 26th, 1978, Chicago
39 Years
Guy Sebastian
Australian singer-songwriter
*October 26th, 1981, Klang

October 26th, 2020 - Today's Special Birthdays

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