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Birthdays of famous people


... of famous people, actors, celebrities and stars on July 8th

Birthday on July 8th, 2020

85 Years
Steve Lawrence
American singer and actor
*July 8th, 1935, Brooklyn
57 Years
Rocky Carroll
American actor
*July 8th, 1963, Cincinnati
55 Years
Corey Parker
American actor
*July 8th, 1965, New York City
53 Years
Marcus Chong
American actor
*July 8th, 1967, Seattle
47 Years
Kathleen Robertson
Canadian actress and producer
*July 8th, 1973, Hamilton
43 Years
Katherine Parkinson
*July 8th, 1977, Hounslow
52 Years
Billy Crudup
American actor
*July 8th, 1968, Manhasset
62 Years
Kevin Bacon
American actor
*July 8th, 1958, Philadelphia
33 Years
Maya Berović
Bosnian pop star
*July 8th, 1987, Malešići, Ilijaš
80 Years
Marcia Rodd
Americana ctor
*July 8th, 1940, Lyons
26 Years
Phil Bauhaus
German cyclist
*July 8th, 1994, Bocholt
79 Years
Polly James
British actress
*July 8th, 1941, Lancashire
40 Years
Robbie Keane
Irish footballer
*July 8th, 1980, Dublin
14 Years
Isabella Sermon
English actress
*July 8th, 2006, London
22 Years
Jaden Smith
American rapper, swinger, songwriter, and actor
*July 8th, 1998, Malibu
30 Years
Kevin Trapp
German association football player
*July 8th, 1990, Merzig
38 Years
Sophia Bush
*July 8th, 1982, Pasadena
69 Years
Anjelica Huston
American actress
*July 8th, 1951, Santa Monica
28 Years
Son Heung-min
South Korean association football player
*July 8th, 1992, Chuncheon
75 Years
Micheline Calmy-Rey
member of the Swiss Federal Council
*July 8th, 1945, Sion

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