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Birthdays of famous people


... of famous people, actors, celebrities and stars on April 9th

Birthday on April 9th, 2020

33 Years
Blaise Matuidi
French association football player
*April 9th, 1987, Toulouse
87 Years
Jean-Paul Belmondo
French actor
*April 9th, 1933, Neuilly-sur-Seine
54 Years
Cynthia Nixon
American actress
*April 9th, 1966, New York City
30 Years
Kristen Stewart
American actress
*April 9th, 1990, Los Angeles
22 Years
Elle Fanning
American actress
*April 9th, 1998, Conyers
35 Years
Christian Noboa
Ecuadorian footballer
*April 9th, 1985, Guayaquil
63 Years
John Beattie
British rower
*April 9th, 1957, London
30 Years
Aleksandar Aleksandrov
Bulgarian rower
*April 9th, 1990, Sofia
41 Years
Olivier Sorlin
French football midfielder
*April 9th, 1979, Saint-Étienne
48 Years
Neve McIntosh
British actress
*April 9th, 1972, Paisley
63 Years
Kathryn Hunter
British actor and theatre director
*April 9th, 1957, New York City
34 Years
Carlos Martínez
Spanish footballer (Real Sociedad)
*April 9th, 1986, Lodosa
83 Years
Valerie Singleton
British television presenter
*April 9th, 1937, Hitchin
34 Years
Leighton Meester
American actress
*April 9th, 1986, Fort Worth
33 Years
Jesse McCartney
American singer and actor
*April 9th, 1987, New York City
53 Years
Sam Harris
American author, philosopher and neuroscientist
*April 9th, 1967, Los Angeles
66 Years
Dennis Quaid
American actor
*April 9th, 1954, Houston
72 Years
Jaya Bhaduri Bachchan
Indian politician and actress
*April 9th, 1948, Jabalpur
55 Years
Mark Pellegrino
American actor
*April 9th, 1965, Los Angeles
29 Years
Marine Vacth
French actress and model
*April 9th, 1991, 12th arrondissement of Paris

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