March 21st, 1979 was a Wednesday.



People born on March 21st, 1979will turn 42this year (2021), in exactly 54 days .


Aries (The Ram)

March 21st, 1979 - April 20th, 1979

Wow, over 15,000 days old!

Why not celebrate an alternative birthday? In 713 days, exactly on January 9th, 2023, people who were born on March 21st, 1979 will be 16,000 days old!

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Born on March 21st, 1979: When to retire?

Birth 20 67 80
Childhood & Education 20 Years Work 47 Years Retirement 13 Years

26 more years of work

You have already worked for 21 years so far and have still 26 years of hard work to come until you can retire in 2047 at the age of 67.

Assumptions & Individualization In order to generate the diagram there were assumptions made based on statistical averages. Please individualize the data (the information) according to your personal situation.

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... of famous people, actors, celebrities and stars on March 21st

Born on March 21st, 1979

41 Years
Elizabeth Cann
badminton player
*March 21st, 1979, Redhill

Elizabeth Cann was born on March 21st, 1979 in Redhill (town in Reigate and Banstead, Surrey, England) and is now 41 years old.

41 Years
Japanese singer-songwriter
*March 21st, 1979, Kumamoto Prefecture

Yozuca was born on March 21st, 1979 in Kumamoto Prefecture (prefecture of Japan) and is now 41 years old.

41 Years
Angel Dzhambazki
Bulgarian politician
*March 21st, 1979, Sofia

Angel Dzhambazki was born on March 21st, 1979 in Sofia (capital city of Bulgaria) and is now 41 years old.

41 Years
Mexican singer
*March 21st, 1979, Hermosillo

Yahir was born on March 21st, 1979 in Hermosillo (city in Mexico, Sonora state capital) and is now 41 years old.

41 Years
Melissa Gorga
American reality television personality
*March 21st, 1979, Toms River

Melissa Gorga was born on March 21st, 1979 in Toms River (township of New Jersey) and is now 41 years old.

Who's birthday is on March 21st?

Maneepong Jongjit (29)

Thai badminton player

*March 21st, 1991, Phuket
Kelly Dulfer (26)

Dutch handball player

*March 21st, 1994, Amsterdam
Lothar Matthäus (59)

German footballer

*March 21st, 1961, Erlangen
Johann Sebastian Bach (65)

German composer and musician of the Baroque era

*March 21st, 1685, Eisenach July 28th, 1750, Leipzig
Hashiru Shimono (23)

badminton player

*March 21st, 1997, Okinawa

Same year: Born in 1979

21 Jul
Tine Baun (41)

badminton player

*July 21st, 1979, Hørsholm
11 May
Sudheer Babu (41)

Indian film actor and former professional badminton player

*May 11th, 1979, Vijayawada
14 Mar
Gao Ling (41)

Chinese badminton player

*March 14th, 1979, Wuhan
26 Nov
Deborah Secco (41)

Brazilian actress

*November 26th, 1979, Rio de Janeiro
13 Jan
Yang Wei (42)

badminton player

*January 13th, 1979, Guangdong

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