In the year of 2020, the 17th of December will be Thursday.

Leap year


2020 is a leap year, therefore has a 29th of February with an additional leap day and a total of 366 days (instead of the usual 365 days in a normal year).


Sagittarius (The Centaur/Archer)

November 23rd, 2020 - December 21st, 2020

December 17th, 2020: It still takes a while...

Note: The chosen date is in the future.

54 Days

8 Weeks

1 Months


... of famous people, actors, celebrities and stars on December 17th

Birthday on December 17th, 2020

48 Years
Fernando Silva
badminton player
*December 17th, 1972, Peniche
84 Years
266th pope of the Catholic Church
*December 17th, 1936, Flores
45 Years
Milla Jovovich
Ukrainian-born american model and actress
*December 17th, 1975, Kiev
38 Years
English illusionist
*December 17th, 1982, Bradford
42 Years
Manny Pacquiao
Filipino boxer, basketball player, singer and politician
*December 17th, 1978, Kibawe
84 Years
Tommy Steele
British entertainer
*December 17th, 1936, Bermondsey
46 Years
Giovanni Ribisi
American actor
*December 17th, 1974, Los Angeles
48 Years
John Abraham
Indian film actor, producer and model
*December 17th, 1972, Kochi
33 Years
Chelsea Manning
United States Army soldier and whistleblower
*December 17th, 1987, Crescent
30 Years
Karen Ibasco
Filipino physicist and Miss Earth 2017
*December 17th, 1990, Manila

Birthdays of famous people

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M = 1000X = 10V = 5I = 1

Future birthdays

December 2020

December 2020

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50 78910111213
51 14151617181920
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