Leanne Bautista (14)
October 14th, 2009

Leanne Bautista
Leanne Bautista Leanne Bautista as Little Anya Foto: Tornadico / CC BY-SA 4.0

Filipino child actress – Leanne Bautista was born in Philippines (Archipelagic country in Southeast Asia) on October 14th, 2009 and is 14 years old today.


How old is Leanne Bautista?


Leanne Bautista is 14 years old.

Biographical data

Birthday October 14th, 2009 (Wednesday)
Place of Birth Philippines
Archipelagic country in Southeast Asia
Birth sign (Zodiac) Libra (The Scales) ♎
Chinese Zodiac Ox 牛

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Leanne Bautista


When was Leanne Bautista born?

Leanne Bautista was born on October 14th, 2009.

Place of Birth

Where was Leanne Bautista born?

Philippines (Archipelagic country in Southeast Asia).


What is the zodiac sign of Leanne Bautista?

Leanne Bautista was born in the zodiac sign Libra (The Scales).

Chinese Zodiac

Which Chinese zodiac sign does Leanne Bautista have?

Leanne Bautista was born in 2009 in the year of the Chinese zodiac Ox.

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