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October 31st, 1517 was a Wednesday.



People born on October 31st, 1517 will turn 507 this year (2024), in exactly 250 days .


Scorpio (The Scorpion)

October 24th, 1517 - November 22nd, 1517

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Why not celebrate an alternative birthday? In 72 days, exactly on May 5th, 2024, people who were born on October 31st, 1517 will be 185,000 days old!

184,928 Days

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6,075 Months

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What happened on October 31st, 1517?

Martin Luther

According to one account, Martin Luther(depicted) posted his Ninety-five Theses onto the door of All Saints' Church in Wittenberg, present-day Germany, marking the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.

What else happened on October 31st?

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Public holidays on October 31st

Fixed holidays (Christian feast day, Halloween and related celebrations) which are celebrated on October 31st.

Alphonsus Rodriguez
Christian feast
Christian feast
Christian feast
Erc of Slane (in Cornwall)
Christian feast
Foillan (in Namur)
Christian feast
Martin Luther (Anglican Communion)
Christian feast
Paul Shinji Sasaki and Philip Lindel Tsen (Episcopal Church)
Christian feast
Christian feast
Blessed Theodore Romzha (Ruthenian Catholic Church)
Christian feast
Wolfgang of Regensburg
Christian feast
October 31 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
Christian feast
Día de la Canción Criolla (Peru)ía_de_la_Canción_Criolla
Earliest day on which All Saints Day can fall, while November 6 is the latest; celebrated on Saturday between October 31 and November 6 (Finland, Sweden)'_Day
Allantide (Cornwall)
Halloween and related
Halloween (Ireland, Canada, United Kingdom, United States and other places)
Halloween and related
Hop-tu-Naa (Isle of Man)
Halloween and related
Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere, Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere; begins on sunset of October 31 (Gaels, Welsh people and Neopagan Wheel of the Year)
Halloween and related
The first day of the Day of the Dead, celebrated until November 2 (Mexico)
Halloween and related
Girl Scouts Founders Day (United States)'_Day
King Father's Birthday (Cambodia)
Reformation Day (Slovenia, parts of Germany, Chile, various Protestant churches with a particular emphasis in Lutheran and Reformed ones)
Saci Day (Brazil)

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Leap year

No: With 365 days 1517 is a normal year and no leap year.

October 1517

October 1517

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