Born on February 26th, 1815



February 26th, 1815 was a Sunday.



People born on February 26th, 1815 (assuming the person is still alive) would have turned 209 years old this year (2024).


Pisces (The Fish)

February 20th, 1815 - March 20th, 1815

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Wow, over 76,000 days old!

Why not celebrate an alternative birthday? In 607 days, exactly on December 21st, 2025, people who were born on February 26th, 1815 will be 77,000 days old!

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What happened on February 26th, 1815?


Napoleon Bonaparte escapes from exile on the island of Elba.

Napoleon escaped from the Italian island of Elba (depicted), to which he had been exiled after the signing of the Treaty of Fontainebleau.

What else happened on February 26th?

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Born on February 26th, 1815

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Public holidays on February 26th

Fixed holidays (Christian feast day) which are celebrated on February 26th.

Alexander of Alexandria
Christian feast
Emily Malbone Morgan (Episcopal Church (USA))
Christian feast
Isabelle of France
Christian feast
Li Tim-Oi (Anglican Church of Canada)
Christian feast
Porphyry of Gaza
Christian feast
February 26 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
Christian feast
Day of Remembrance for Victims of Khojaly Massacre (Azerbaijan)
Saviours' Day (Nation of Islam)'_Day

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No: With 365 days 1815 is a normal year and no leap year.

February 1815

February 1815

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