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June 10th, 1878 was a Monday.



People born on June 10th, 1878 will turn 146 this year (2024), in exactly 18 days .


Gemini (The Twins)

May 22nd, 1878 - June 21st, 1878

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What happened on June 10th, 1878?

League of Prizren

League of Prizren is established, to oppose the decisions of the Congress of Berlin and the Treaty of San Stefano, as a consequence of which the Albanian lands in the Balkans were being partitioned and given to the neighbor states of Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Greece.
League of Prizren

The League of Prizren was officially founded to "struggle in arms to defend the wholeness of the territories of Albania".

What else happened on June 10th?

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Born on June 10th, 1878

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Public holidays on June 10th

Fixed holidays (Christian feast day) which are celebrated on June 10th.

Abolition Day (French Guiana)
World Art Nouveau Day (Worldwide)
Christian feast
Getulius, Amancius and Cerealus
Christian feast
Guardian Angel of Portugal
Christian feast
John of Tobolsk (Russian Orthodox Church)
Christian feast
Landry of Paris
Christian feast
Maurinus of Cologne
Christian feast
Maximus of Aveia (or of Aquila)
Christian feast
Maximus of Naples
Christian feast
Christian feast
June 10 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
Christian feast
Portugal Day, also Day of Camões (Portugal and the Portuguese communities)
Reconciliation Day (Republic of the Congo)

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No: With 365 days 1878 is a normal year and no leap year.

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June 1878

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