November 30th, 2000 was a Thursday.



People born on November 30th, 2000 turned 20 this year (2020).


Sagittarius (The Centaur/Archer)

November 23rd, 2000 - December 21st, 2000

Wow, over 7,000 days old!

Why not celebrate an alternative birthday? In 694 days, exactly on October 26th, 2022, people who were born on November 30th, 2000 will be 8,000 days old!

7,306 Days

1,044 Weeks

240 Months

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Born on November 30th, 2000: When to retire?

Birth 20 67 80
Childhood & Education 20 Years Work 47 Years Retirement 13 Years

47 more years of work

You have already worked for 0 years so far and have still 47 years of hard work to come until you can retire in 2067 at the age of 67.

Assumptions & Individualization In order to generate the diagram there were assumptions made based on statistical averages. Please individualize the data (the information) according to your personal situation.

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... of famous people, actors, celebrities and stars on November 30th

Born on November 30th, 2000

20 Years
Mina Jacobsen
Norwegian YouTuber
*November 30th, 2000, Eidsvoll

Mina Jacobsen was born on November 30th, 2000 in Eidsvoll (municipality in Viken, Norway) and is now 20 years old.

20 Years
Seven Kayne
Argentinian rapper
*November 30th, 2000, Buenos Aires

Seven Kayne was born on November 30th, 2000 in Buenos Aires (capital city of Argentina) and is now 20 years old.

20 Years
Michael Barbieri
*November 30th, 2000, New York City

Michael Barbieri was born on November 30th, 2000 in New York City (largest city in the United States) and is now 20 years old.

20 Years
Joalin Loukamaa
Dancer, model, digital influencer and Finnish youtuber
*November 30th, 2000, Turku

Joalin Loukamaa was born on November 30th, 2000 in Turku (city in the region of Finland Proper, Finland) and is now 20 years old.

Who's birthday is on November 30th?

Andrea Tidona (69)

Italian actor

*November 30th, 1951, Modica
Nahed Hattar (56)

Jordanian writer

*November 30th, 1959, Amman September 25th, 2016, Amman
Beau Bokan (39)


*November 30th, 1981, Huntington Beach
Charles Hawtrey (73)

English film actor

*November 30th, 1914, Hounslow October 27th, 1988, Deal
Trude Dothan (93)

Austrian-israelian archaeologist

*November 30th, 1922, Vienna January 28th, 2016, Jerusalem

Same year: Born in 2000

22 Jul
Hirari Mizui (20)

badminton player

*July 22nd, 2000, Nara Prefecture
29 May
Xia Yuting (20)

badminton player

*May 29th, 2000, Jiangsu
14 Jul
Ashwathi Pillai (20)

badminton player

*July 14th, 2000, Kanniyākumāri
14 Mar
Pearly Tan Koong Le (20)

badminton player

*March 14th, 2000, Kedah
22 Jun
Fabien Delrue (20)

badminton player

*June 22nd, 2000, Sarcelles

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Yes: 2000 is a leap year, therefore has a 29th of February with an additional leap day and a total of 366 days (instead of the usual 365 days in a normal year).

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