Tems (29)
June 11th, 1995

Tems on NdaniTV Sessions -cropped
Tems on NdaniTV Sessions -cropped Tems on NdaniTV Sessions Foto: NdaniTV / CC BY-SA 4.0

Nigerian singer-songwriter – Tems was born in Lagos (Largest city in Nigeria) on June 11th, 1995 and is 29 years old today.



How old is Tems?


Tems is 29 years old.

Biographical data

Birthday June 11th, 1995 (Sunday)
Place of Birth Lagos
Largest city in Nigeria
Birth sign (Zodiac) Gemini (The Twins) ♊
Chinese Zodiac Pig 豬

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When was Tems born?

Tems was born on June 11th, 1995.

Place of Birth

Where was Tems born?

Lagos (Largest city in Nigeria).


What is the zodiac sign of Tems?

Tems was born in the zodiac sign Gemini (The Twins).

Chinese Zodiac

Which Chinese zodiac sign does Tems have?

Tems was born in 1995 in the year of the Chinese zodiac Pig.

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