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December 4th, 1829 was a Friday.



People born on December 4th, 1829 will turn 195 this year (2024), in exactly 229 days .


Sagittarius (The Centaur/Archer)

November 23rd, 1829 - December 21st, 1829

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What happened on December 4th, 1829?

Governor-General of India

In the face of fierce local opposition, British Governor-General Lord William Bentinck issues a regulation declaring that anyone who abets suttee in Bengal is guilty of culpable homicide.
Sati (practice)

Sati, the Hindu funeral custom of a widow's self-immolation on her husband's pyre, was prohibited by Lord William Bentinck in parts of British India after years of campaigning by Ram Mohan Roy (pictured).

What else happened on December 4th?

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Public holidays on December 4th

Fixed holidays (Christian feast day) which are celebrated on December 4th.

Christian feast
Anno II
Christian feast
Christian feast day: Barbara, and its related observances: Barbórka, Miners' Day in Poland
Christian feast day: Barbara, and its related observances: Eid il-Burbara, a holiday similar to Halloween in honor of Saint Barbara. (Russia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Turkey)
Bernardo degli Uberti
Christian feast
Clement of Alexandria (Anglicanism, Eastern Catholicism)
Christian feast
Giovanni Calabria
Christian feast
John of Damascus
Christian feast
Nicholas Ferrar (Anglicanism)
Christian feast
Christian feast
Christian feast
December 4 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
Christian feast
Thai Environment Day (Thailand)

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No: With 365 days 1829 is a normal year and no leap year.

December 1829

December 1829

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