Dieter Planck (79)
August 14th, 1944

Planck Dieter
Planck Dieter Prof. Dr. Dieter Planck. Foto: Stephan Herz / Public Domain

German archaeologist – Dieter Planck was born in Rottenburg am Neckar (City in Baden-Württemberg, Germany) on August 14th, 1944 and is 79 years old today.


How old is Dieter Planck?


Dieter Planck is 79 years old.

Biographical data

Birthday August 14th, 1944 (Monday)
Place of Birth Rottenburg am Neckar
City in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Birth sign (Zodiac) Leo (The Lion) ♌
Chinese Zodiac Monkey 猴

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Dieter Planck


When was Dieter Planck born?

Dieter Planck was born on August 14th, 1944.

Place of Birth

Where was Dieter Planck born?

Rottenburg am Neckar (City in Baden-Württemberg, Germany).


What is the zodiac sign of Dieter Planck?

Dieter Planck was born in the zodiac sign Leo (The Lion).

Chinese Zodiac

Which Chinese zodiac sign does Dieter Planck have?

Dieter Planck was born in 1944 in the year of the Chinese zodiac Monkey.

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