Elizabeth II

Queen of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms (born 1926) – Elizabeth II was born in Mayfair (area of central London, England) on April 21st, 1926 and is 96 years old today.

Elizabeth II birthday 2018
Elizabeth II birthday 2018 Queen Elizabeth II, at the end of The Queen's Birthday Party, at Royal Albert Hall, London, on 21 April 2018. Foto: Raph_PH / CC BY 2.0
Queen Elizabeth II in March 2015
Queen Elizabeth II in March 2015 Her Majesty the Queen during her visit to HMS Ocean in Devonport to preside over a ceremony to rededicate the ship. Foto: Original: Joel Rouse/ Ministry of DefenceDerivative: nagualdesign /
Queen Elizabeth II of New Zealand
Queen Elizabeth II of New Zealand Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of New Zealand, in the Blue Room of Buckingham Palace. She is wearing: a diamond fern brooch given to her in 195... Foto: Photograph taken by Julian Calder for Governor-General of New Zealand / CC BY-SA 4.0
Queen Elizabeth II 1959
Queen Elizabeth II 1959 Formal portrait of Queen Elizabeth II wearing the Vladimir Tiara, the Queen Victoria Jubilee Necklace, the blue Garter Riband, Badge and Garter Star a... Foto: Unknown / Library and Archives Canada / CC BY 2.0


How old is Elizabeth II?


Elizabeth II is 96 years old.

Biographical data

Birthday April 21st, 1926 (Wednesday)
Place of Birth Mayfair
Area of central London, England
Birth sign (Zodiac) Taurus (The Bull) ♉
Chinese Zodiac Tiger 兎

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Queen of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms (born 1926)

Elizabeth II


When was Elizabeth II born?

Elizabeth II was born on April 21st, 1926.

Place of Birth

Where was Elizabeth II born?

Mayfair (area of central London, England).


What is the zodiac sign of Elizabeth II?

Elizabeth II was born in the zodiac sign Taurus (The Bull).

Chinese Zodiac

Which Chinese zodiac sign does Elizabeth II have?

Elizabeth II was born in 1926 in the year of the Chinese zodiac Tiger.

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